Latest Updates

 The House Cup is underway!!! Earn points for your house by attending any of the upcoming swim meets, including our Stingback Development Meet July 5th at the Outdoor Pool.


Swim-A-Thon is July 13 th at 5pm at the Outdoor Pool. Pledge Sheet can be found under “Meet Sign Ups”.


Big thanks to everyone who came out to help with the bottle drive!! It was  a very successful day.


Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for next week!

Super 7 Warm – Ups & Relays 

Little Stingrays: 7:45-8:10
Hannah – Dolphins: 7:45-8:10
Jamie – Otters: 7:45-8:10
Alexa – Starfish: 7:55-8:20
Emily – Seahorses: 7:55-8:20
Lauryn – Jellyfish: 8:05-8:30
Brandon – Seals: 8:05-8:30
Seniors: 8:15-8:40

Relays can be found here!

Special Events

On Monday, June 26, we will be having our annual movie night in the Ladner Community Centre. This year we will be watching Disney’s Moana! We will be located in the multipurpose room with the movie to start at 6:30 and ending around 8ish. Please bring something cozy to lie on and a snack to be shared with everyone (snacks must be peanut free). Everyone who attends movie night will be given 5 points for their respective house!

Hootenanny Sign-Up

Closes on Monday at 9:00pm! If you would like to sign up (we are only swimming on Saturday), please click here!


Cool Swimming Things from Coach Brandon 

I tell your swimmers a lot of things, but they may not always know what they mean or what they should look like; so, I’ve collected a few videos from Youtube, highlighting various things that swimmers are doing right in each. You don’t need to watch all or any of them, I just really enjoy watching them and figured maybe some of you would enjoy looking at them as well!
Sorry for the poor quality, but I couldn’t find a better underwater video. It gets better at about 44 seconds
For this video, the person in the white cap / full body suit ( Michael Cavic ) is the person that you should be at. Phelps has a nice fly, but it’s not very recreate able unless you’re 6’5 and as strong as an ox. Cavic reaches and extends every stroke, while pushing his chest down in a similar manner to the breaststroke. At the time that he is fully extended, his chest is pushed below where his hands are. His hands enter at shoulder width. When he starts his pull, his hands do a slight scull outwards, then come straight back, not crossing under his body. His dolphin kicks are timed so that he does one when his enters the water, and another to kick his hands out of the water to recover them. As for head position, Phelps in this video does a nice job of demonstrating getting his head down right before his hands come into his line of view.
race starts at 1:37
Irie Ryosuke has one of the cleanest backstrokes in the world. What’s notable and very apparent just by watching is how still he manages to keep his head. If you listen to the commentary, you’ll also note how he’s known to train with a water bottle on his head, which is something that we try and replicate with the rubber ducks! He also makes almost no splash as his hands enter the water; everything is smooth and flows from one stroke to the next. He keeps his shoulders rolled and his armpits out of the water until his hand enters the water, optimizing his reach and the amount of water he can pull with each stroke.
Adam Peaty does everything right in his breaststroke. Right from the start of the race, he holds his glide in streamline until his speed slows, then begins his pullouts, maximizing the propulsion from his dolphin kick and not lifting his head until he’s right at the surface. Something I’ve been mentioning to a lot of the swimmers is to drive with your chest. If you watch Peaty, he almost does a dolphin kick with his body, starting with getting the head and chest down into a fully extended position, which adds an extra element to his stroke on top of his breaststroke kick and arms. His turnover is also relentless; he gets to his fully extended position, glides maybe half a second then gets right into his next stroke. Each stroke starts with a giant outsweep of the arms, keeping them infront of his chest, right on the surface of the water. Each stroke finishes with a breaststroke kick where his knees come no further apart than shoulder width, and his feet reach out as wide as he can.
skip to 11:30
Sun Yang (world record holder 1500m freestyler) is featured in lane 4 in this video. The most noticeable part of his stroke is his high elbows. He starts off every stroke keeping his elbow high, dropping his hand and forearm to pull the maximum amount of water on each stroke. He over exaggerates this motion an incredible amount and I doubt that this would be recreate-able, but none the less it is in the direction that swimmers should be striving for with high elbows to maximize their pull with each stroke.
Brent Hayden (Canadian!) won bronze in the 100 Free in 2012, and credits a lot of that to improvements in his start. I would recommend slowing it down to .25 speed and going frame by frame. Notice how he has his elbows back and is leaning as far forward as he dare so he can be as quick to react as he can. When he starts moving, his hips stay high as he drives through his back leg while at the same time throwing back his arms. After he extends his rear leg all the way, he straightens out the front, then quickly gets his feet together and hands in streamline so he can enter almost without splash.
Backstroke starts
Start @ 50s
Sort of hard to tell from the angle, but notice how Natalie has her feet above the surface of the water (not possible to do at the outdoor pool, but it’s good to get them as high as you can!) while remaining vertical with her back. She pulls her butt almost completely out of the water in the ready position. When she starts her start, she keeps her legs in the same place while her arms drive off of the blocks. Her legs begin to move when they are about above her head. Immediately following, she drives her hips up as high as she can while flicking her feet into the air, getting clean out of the water and entering with her whole body through a single hole.
You can get a better idea of the ideal feet position in this video (I’m not sure who this swimmer is) @ 50s ( )
Relay takeovers:
Harder to find proper race videos of this. Right at the start, you can see the various different relay takeovers. The one I find most favorable is in lane 6. She follows the backstroker into the wall, and when she’s about 1m out begins doing a double arm backwards arm circle, fitting in a step when her arms are just past the highest point, then dives out as far as she can. This generates a lot more power than a normal standing start, with proper takeovers usually being about .7 seconds faster.
Touch turn:
Turn @ 4:32
For this, I’d recommend watching Yulia Efimova wearing the yellow suit in lane 6. She approaches the wall, extends fully in her last stroke, while at the same time not taking too long of a glide into the wall. She achieves this by micromanaging (lengthening / shortening, depending on distance) her distance per stroke starting right before the flags. When she touches the wall, her knees come to her chest. At the same time, one hand comes out of the water while the other helps drive her body around. She keeps her chin close to her chest and body close to the wall; she does not push herself away from the wall until the entirety of her turn is completed. During the rotation, she keeps her shoulders square to the wall until she is ready to push off. She then holds her glide, maximizing her free speed and begins her pull out once she starts slowing down.
Flip Turn:
Brent Hayden again demonstrating how to do a proper flip turn. Right from the start, he keeps his head down, looking at the bottom of the pool as opposed to lifting it to look at the wall. On his last stroke, he starts to dive down with his upper body, following his hand, keeping his lower body at the surface. He brings his knees into his chest very quickly, allowing him a fast rotation. He brings his arms into streamline as he turns, so that as soon as his rotation is over he can push off without hesitation. Notice how he also pushes off on his side. This is optimal, as flipping onto your front while doing the turn takes too much time, and pushing off on your back would cost you too much time as you rotated onto your front. When he pushes off, he does 1-2 kicks on his side while rotating to the front, then increases his kick tempo as he does the rest of his kicks before reaching the surface.
We do sets like those 12×50’s so that we can finish like this!
This is the best swimming race in history. You can ask almost any fan of swimming and they will all say that they’ve seen it at least a dozen times. It is probably one of the most clutch performances in Olympic history. I’d recommend listening, as the commentators give an excellent backstory to the significance of the race.
You don’t need to watch the full video, but if you skim through it you can see what dominance looks like. Katie is a relentless trainer, refusing to lose (even to the men when in training), constantly doing whatever she can to improve her strokes and her swimming. Everything that she does in this race is better than her competitors. Her stroke rate is higher, she pulls more water, and she brings in her kick much sooner than the rest of the pack. Currently, she is the most dominant athlete in the world across all sports. Watch out for her this year at worlds as she hopes to break the 8:00 barrier in the 800 Fr.


Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you need to know for next week!

 House Cup

After 2 weekends of swim meets a new leader has emerged out of the pack:
Slytherin -210 points
Ravenclaw -195 points, a very close second!
Gryffindor -170 points
Hufflepuff – 170 points
Next week is Stingray Pump-Up Week in preparation for our Super-7 swim meet. Swimmers will be given 5 points each day they participate in the activities and these points will go towards the race for House Cup Champion!

Stingray Pump-Up Week

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.05.37 PM

Stingrays who participate each day will earn 5 points for their house!


Photo Day

After much confusion, and some poor weather, photo day has been moved to Thursday June 22nd, 6:00pm on deck at LOP.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.16.57 PM


Little Stingray Parents

A reminder that no parents are allowed on deck past the big shed by the entry gate! Parents are not covered by our BCSSA insurance, thus this rule. If your child needs to use the washroom or change into their swim suit prior to practice, please use the washrooms located in the community centre adjacent to the pool!

We will be walking your child to the gate after their practice is over and will wait with them until they are picked up at the gate! If you are unable to pick up your child after practice, please make other arrangements, and inform your child’s coach so they know who to release your child to!

Lifesaving Courses

Attention all Div 3+ swimmers! This year at the Outdoor Pool the Corporation will be hosting some lifesaving courses. You will need to take these courses should you one day want to be a lifeguard or a coach for our club! Delta is hoping to have some Stingrays sign up so they will have full classes with good swimmers, and we are hoping some Stingrays sign up so we can have some trained swimmers! Take a look at the photo below for all of the registration information (the top left is Bronze Star) :

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.45.43 AM

Meridian Meet Fundraiser

The meridian meat fundraiser forms are in everyone’s file folders at the pool! If you would like to participate in this fundraiser you will need to have  your forms and money in TODAY to either the Hodge or Wood files!


Hi Stingrays!

Here is what you need to know for next week!

WRASA Development Meet Sign-Up

The sign up for this meet closes on Monday June 12th at 9:00pm! Please click here to access the sign up sheet.

North Delta Development Entries

Click here to view our tentative entries for next Wednesday’s development meet!

If you have not yet signed up for the meet, but would like to, please email Coach Emily by 9:00pm on Sunday June 11th using the subject line NOD Development Entries.

Please use the subject line I have outlined above when emailing me! I have to sift through 50+ emails a week to find yours, so it is easier for me if I have one subject line to search for and it ensures I will not miss your email! 

Super 7 Entries

Click here to view our final entries! Relays will be released closer to the weekend of June 24-25.


House Cup

Our annual House Cup has now begun! Please click here to find out which house you are in as well as a breakdown of all of our events for the year!


Bingo Night

On Monday June 12th, the Stingrays are hosting our 3rd annual Bingo Night! It will be at Memorial park behind the gazebo starting at 6:30; senior swimmers will be let out of practice early to make it to the park on time! There are house cup points up for grabs and some awesome prizes to be won. We hope to see you all there!

Masters practice will take place as scheduled at 8:00pm on Monday June 12th.

Little Stingray Parents

A reminder that no parents are allowed on deck past the big shed by the entry gate! Parents are not covered by our BCSSA insurance, thus this rule. If your child needs to use the washroom or change into their swim suit prior to practice, please use the washrooms located in the community centre adjacent to the pool!

Super 7 T-Shirts

If you haven’t already, please be sure to fill out this form if your child is attending our Super 7 meet! The form will be closing at 9:00pm tonight, so please be sure to get your child’s name in on time!

Lifesaving Courses

Attention all Div 3+ swimmers! This year at the Outdoor Pool the Corporation will be hosting some lifesaving courses. You will need to take these courses should you one day want to be a lifeguard or a coach for our club! Delta is hoping to have some Stingrays sign up so they will have full classes with good swimmers, and we are hoping some Stingrays sign up so we can have some trained swimmers! Take a look at the photo below for all of the registration information (the top left is Bronze Star):

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.45.43 AM

Meridian Meet Fundraiser

The meridian meat fundraiser forms are in everyone’s file folders at the pool! If you would like to participate in this fundraiser you will need to have  your forms and money in by next Friday, June 16, to either the Hodge or Wood files!



Team Practice and Potluck

We have our team practice scheduled tonight 3:15-5:00pm for Little Stingrays and 3:30-5:00pm for regular Stingrays!

This afternoon is the day of the DSS grad walk, and there will be street closures along 47th avenue and 45th avenue on 51 Street from 12:00 – 6:00pm, as well as limited parking in the area, so please plan accordingly for tomorrow night’s potluck.
Please be sure to bring your own cutlery, dishes, and chairs/blankets  as well, as we are unable to provide enough for the entire club!
The weather looks like it will be holding up for us this evening, so fingers crossed it doesn’t rain! However, if it does happen to start raining around 5:00pm tomorrow, we will cancel the potluck as we are doubtful people will want to sit outside in the rain!

B4 Meet Sign-Up

The sign-up closed as of Monday evening at 9:30pm, however we are still getting lots of emails from people still wanting to sign up! We are in the process of teaching some of our staff how to use the meet entry program, which is why tentative entries have not yet been sent out. We have added a link to the Meet Sign Up page that sends you to a Google doc containing all of the entries your child will be entered into, you can check it out here.
Please email Coach Emily by 12:00pm on Sunday afternoon if you see any changes that need to be made to your child’s entries.

Super 7 Sign-Up

A friendly reminder that the sign-up for Super 7 closes tonight at 9:00pm! We only have 60 people signed up so far, and we’re hoping for lots more!!
You can access the sign up sheet here!

Dates on Meet Sign-Ups

A reminder to check out all of our meet sign-ups as some of the dates have changed (i.e. WRASA development meet)!

House Cup

This summer we will be introducing another season of our House Cup! More details will be released next week, so stay tuned!

June Schedule

The June schedule will take effect starting on Monday, June 5th! If you’re not sure when your child is swimming, please be sure to have another look at their schedule here!
Masters, please note your practices are now taking place on Monday and Friday evenings 8-9pm!

Bulletin Boards

Now that our weekend meet season is in full swing, our bulletin boards that are on the side of the shed will be updated weekly with highlights from weekend meets, inspirational quotes, as well as meet entries. Be sure to check it out next week when you’re at the pool!


Hi Stingrays,

Here are your important updates for the week!

May Days Parade Info

This Sunday is the May Day’s Parade and there are just a few reminders on when and where to be at drop-off and pick-up! Swimmers should be dropped off between 10 am and 10:30 to help with decorating the float. Our float will be located on Elliot Street just across from River Road. At the end of the parade we will be stopping to let the kids off the float on Garry Street, by the tennis courts around 1:00 pm. Please be sure to pick up your child from this location, or make other arrangements for them to be picked up by someone else! Our coaches will wait with the kids until they are picked up, however we cannot assume responsibility for any who may leave without being picked up by a parent or friend. Here are a few other friendly reminders about the parade to keep in mind:

Please be aware that the parade route has changed for the 2017 May Days Parade due to construction work along 47A Street. 

 The marshaling area for Ladner Pioneer May days parade will be closed to all general traffic, including drop offs for parade entrants, at 10 am on Sunday, May 28th.  Please either drop off any participants before 10 am or park and escort them to their float.  

The roads closed at 10am will be: River Road, Georgia Street, Delta Street at Bridge Street, and Elliot Street at Westminster Ave.

Any and all Stingrays are encouraged to participate in decorating and riding the float – the more the merrier!


Time Trials

A big thank you to all who came out and volunteered and participated in last night’s time trials event! It was a huge success and both kids and parents had a great time.


Meet Sign-Ups

Deadlines are fast approaching for some of your favourite meets! The sign up for B4 closes on Monday at 9:00pm, you can access it here.

SUPER 7 SIGN-UP CLOSES ON FRIDAY, JUNE 2ND! Please be sure to have your entries completed by this date! We are anticipating a lot of people will be signing up for this meet (we’re hoping to break 100 swimmers!), so entries take us a while to get through, hence the super early deadline. We only have 29 swimmers signed up so far, but we’re hoping for lots more! You can access the sign-up sheet here!


Team Practice

We will be hosting our first team practice of the season on Friday June 2nd 3:30-5:00pm! Little Stingrays, you will also be included during this Team Practice in place of a regular practice for the afternoon! This will be a great way for all of our swimmers to interact and get to know one another.

There will be a potluck/picnic following the team practice at Memorial Park at 5:30pm! More details will be released next week.



Hi Stingrays,

Here is what you will need to know for next week!

Victoria Day, May 22

There will be NO PRACTICES on Monday, May 22nd! This includes both regular program and Masters practices. Enjoy the long weekend!

Time Trials Sign-Up

The sign-up for Time Trials closed the evening of May 15th at 9:30pm. If you have not yet signed up, but would like to, please be sure to email your child’s coach prior to Monday May 22nd at 9:30pm.

If you are planning on attending practice on the afternoon of May 25th, you must sign-up for Time Trials, as there are no formal practices scheduled for that afternoon!

Please note, Little Stingrays are not eligible to compete in the Time Trials event, but are welcomed and encouraged to come and watch some of our fellow Stingrays race in our own pool!

Athletes Choice will be at LOP on the evening of Time Trials with some new gear – you can check out the website here.

Kigoos Meet Sign-Up

The sign-up for the Kigoos meet on June 3-4 closes on Monday, May 22nd at 9:30pm! Please be sure to have your entries completed prior to this date – you can access the sign-up here.

May-Days Parade

We are still desperately in need of some parent volunteers to help in coordinating our upcoming May Days Parade float! Please visit this form if you are able to help us out in any way, shape, or form.

Little Stingrays

Practices will begin on Friday, June 2nd! We recognize that a 3:15 start time may place some families in a pinch with it being so close to the time school gets out, so there are no worries if your child arrives to practice after the 3:15 start time. The kids will be doing a 15-minute activation and sticker time prior to getting in the water, so as long as you’re able to arrive around 3:30, you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately, we have to make do with the times the Corporation has given us at LOP for this season.

Sometimes if the weather is not the greatest, the kids may get cold in the water relatively quickly. We recommend purchasing a wetsuit for your child if you know they are prone to getting cold quickly! You may be able to find some locally, or you can also find some online here.

Morning Practices

Our morning practices have began! If you are not planning on attending an AM workout, please let your coach know!! We had one practice last week that no swimmers showed up to. It’s frustrating for us as your coaches as we are at the pool bright and early and we expect swimmers to arrive unless we have been notified otherwise.

Volunteer Coaches

The sign-up for June availability can be found here. Please be sure to have submit your availability for the month by Wednesday, May 24th at 9:30pm. If you do not submit your availability, you will not be placed on the schedule!






Hi Stingrays,

Here again with your weekly update for this Friday! Here is what you need to know for the upcoming weeks for our swim club:

Practice Schedule Mix-Ups

There has been some confusion surrounding Tuesday evening practices for the Seals, Dolphins, and Otters groups. Please note, that what is written online is the correct schedule that families should be following! I have adjusted the practices times for the Seals group by 15 minutes to accommodate for some mix-ups; you can access the page here to double check when your child will be swimming.

Time Trials

The sign-up for Time Trials closes on Monday evening at 9:00pm! You can access the sign-up page here – please be sure to sign your child up if you plan on attending the event.

There are NO regularly scheduled practices for the afternoon of May 25th, when Time Trials are taking place, so in order to ensure your child is entered into some events for the afternoon, please sign them up. 

Meet Sign-Ups

There were a few issues with some of the meet sign-up sheets, but they have since been corrected. Some of the deadlines are fast approaching – Kigoos closes on May 22nd! You can access the sign-up page here.

May Days

We are in need of some parent help in regards to locking down some equipment needed for the upcoming May Days parade on May 28th! We are looking for a trailer for us to use for our float, hay bails to place on the float, and a truck to pull us in the parade.

If you are able to help us out, or know of someone else who can, please email Coach Emily or Coach Alexa and let us know!

Have a great weekend and we will see you at the pool next week!


Hi Stingrays!

Congratulations on completing your first week of swim practices! The weather wasn’t the greatest on some afternoons, but it was awesome to have all of your smiling faces back in the water with us.

Here are a few updates and reminders for the start of the swim season:


If at any point over the course of this season something arises with your child that you feel needs reconciliation or attention, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s coach! It is our job as your coaching staff to ensure a positive and successful summer season in the water for all swimmers, and we can only do so if we are made aware of any issue that may arise.

Please let us know at any point if your child is struggling, or you have any concerns, so that we may address them promptly. We’re not able to fix something if we find out about it at the end of the season, so please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Are now active and available for you to access! Please note the sign-up deadlines for some of the swim meets, as they are quickly approaching! If you have any questions regarding the sign-up process, please email Coach Emily at If you have any specific questions pertaining to your child and their ability to compete in a swim meet, please email your child’s coach directly!

Click here to access our sign up page!


We will be hosting our annual Time Trials event on Thursday, May 25th, from 6:00-8:00pm. Click here to access the sign up sheet!

We will need parents to come and help us out, so please sign up if you are available – we can’t run the event without you! The form will be closing on Monday the 15th at 9:30pm, so please ensure you are signed up in time!

This event will be taking the place of regularly scheduled practices for the evening.


Posted below are several videos you may find helpful at the start of your season! It is best to come to the pool prepared and ready to go, and these videos will help you gain a better understanding of coach lingo, drills, sets, and other fun things. Masters, these are helpful for you too!





This one is a little bit cheesy but has a ton of useful info! It’s geared more towards winter swimming, but there are some similarities between what we do, and what’s covered in this video.